After their absolutely stellar performance the past few days, Winstrike (ex-FlyToMoon) beat ESPADA 3-1 in the grand finals of the CIS Regional Qualifiers.

Unlike the team of Vega Squadron who went 0-6 in the group stage, Iceberg and his boys proved that their direct invite to the Regionals was indeed well deserved, first by topping the group going 6-1 and later on by winning the whole qualifier. Dropping the first game in the series and winning the next 3 in a row, Winstrike secured themselves a place among the best teams in the world that will fight for the millions of dollars in Vancouver, Canada. With a perfectly executed draft of Minara, Gyrocopter, Clockwerk, Leshrac, and Disruptor, they simply didn’t leave any chance to their opponents, who had absolutely no answer to the relentless aggression that hit them.

Even though it is too early to speak about another CIS team that will overtake Virtus.Pro and become the best in the region, Winstrike are definitely on the right track and with their recent performance, they are definitely showing that we can expect them to be a strong contender for the top spots at The International 2018.

Edit: Forgot to mention initially but… PUDGE! Watch game 3 of the series if you missed it, as it was something spectacular to witness!

Congratulations on the big win and good luck in the tournament!

Winstrike are:

1. Silent
2. Iceberg
3. nongrata
4. Nofear