After 7.00 came out toxic players are now facing 6 months ban from ranked matchmaking when faced with an excessive amount of reports. With the new rules of bans being introduced to Dota 2, MATUMBAMAN started a “contest” who is going to be the first pro player to receive this ban.

We now have a winner and it is not who you expected (nice clickbait bro).

Announced via his Twitter account, Cr1t shared with us his newly acquired status

If you were wondering what the conduct summary looks like for a player banned for 6 months for his toxic behavior and many reports, wonder no more, Cr1t shared this too:

To be honest this looks like some kind of error, especially with the removal of all 6 months bans after last night’s server shut down for updates. Valve were updating their back end and something went terribly wrong on there as now we have all of the “bad boys” of Dota 2 released in the wild and some of the “good guys” are being caged. I will follow this topic with interested but as of now, I can only say congratz to Cr1t for this achievement and good luck on getting this removed as I believe it was not intentional.