The painful wait is finally over, this year’s Battle Pass has arrived! And with it a lot of cool features, sets, and bonuses. Let’s have a quick sneak peek at what Valve have packed for us this time.

Before we proceed further I would like to invite you to check the official page for the Battle Pass as I won’t be going in details and besides… the page, as usual, is simply epic! Find it by clicking here.

Customary for the product, the Battle Pass costs about 9 euro for the basic version and about 30 euro for the 75 level version, while 24 levels are about 9 euro as well. With it we get the usual chest, announcers, music pack, upgradable courier and many more, but what is different this year is how they did the Quest lines we got previous years. This time we got the “Cavern crawl”.

What this is, is a little more “sophisticated” “quest” system that awards us with different prizes – there are 3 sets, one for Legion Commander, Bristleback and Skywrath Mage as well as other perks that we can win by completing more and more steps from the quest tree. The ultimate prize that some might win is the “cosmically rare” Jade Baby Roshan courier. Of course, these will be mega-super-giga-extremely rare and only a handful people will own one and this will end up making their market value enormous. Good luck to all!

However, the most interesting thing in my humble opinion is the “Role-based matchmaking queue”. Effectively what this does is provide us with the opportunity to pre-select a role, queue for a game with it and (in theory) avoid the conflicts that usually occur during the hero selection phase. As flawed this system is, I really hope that with some tests and tweaks Valve will make it work and implement it forever in the game, not only while there is a Battle Pass active. The problem with this is the same one as it always was, some dickheads are selecting a role that is in demand only to avoid queue time and then picking another hero, effectively ruining the game for others. Hopefully, another reporting system will be implemented for banning people like this.

Usually, the release of a new Battle Pass is followed by prize pool records being broken and this year it happened again. In less than 24 hours of its release, the money generated from the sales boosted the prize of The International to over 5 million dollars! Here is what the exact number is at the moment of posting this news:

If you want to follow the growth of the prize pool in details, check out The International prize tracker by clicking here.