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The Bucharest Major LAN finals day 3 – The Grand Final

So it’s come down to Sunday, the last day of the tournament, the day when the champion will be crowned, the prize will be given and everything will be done for The Bucharest Major… The day that I wanted to delay as much as possible!

From the moment I woke up on this day, I felt the sadness building up in me in anticipation of going back home, but I tried to shake this off with thoughts of the games that were ahead of us. Virtus.Pro had to fight VGJ.Thunder in order to secure their third Major title, with this being the second in a row after they won ESL One Katowice a few weeks ago. With VP being in the top 2 of the tournament, they already secured their spot on The International later this year so, at this point, the battle was only for money and of course, glory – so they could show the world that they are the best.

Once I arrived at the venue I could feel the tension in the atmosphere and the excitement in all of the Virtus.Pro fans. Let’s be real for a second – the real grand final was the day before, when Team Liquid faced off VP, as with all my respect to the players and the organization, VGJ.Thunder simply didn’t seem to be on the level of the Russian team.

As expected by most, the final was a relatively fast 3-0 in favor of the crowd favorites, which secured them their 3rd Major title. At this point, they stand only 1 title away from OG’s record which seemed so untouchable up to now. Congratulations to Virtus.Pro, they are in amazing form recently and their domination on the scene is well deserved. I am super sad that there was no interview session after the final, but there is nothing much that can be done, unfortunately. I wish that I could share with you the reaction of all other media when I asked in the press room if VP will have interview session if they win… everyone started laughing so hard at first I thought that they were laughing on me for asking this simple question, but it turned out to be because the Russians actually were refusing to make pretty much any content throughout the tournament and it would have been impossible to bring them out for the session I wanted.

Anyways, as the tournament ended a lot earlier than anticipated, my friends and I decided to pack our bags and leave one day early as our initial plan was to stay until Monday, which resulted in the delay of this recap due to the traveling. Regardless of that, during day 3 I had the chance to record a few good interviews that are on their way to you. You can expect to see SirActionSlacks on my Youtube channel really soon, as well as Gareth from joinDOTA, kipspul (Vega’s coach) and an interesting interview I was able to take with one of the cosplayers on the event – rehabgnaked. But more on that on my Youtube channel –

So, to recap, once again congratulations to Virtus.Pro for winning the tournament, a big thank you to PGL for what they did right (what they did wrong I will discuss in the big recap of the tournament that is soon to follow) and a big, big, big shout out to my sponsors that made all of this possible – Blinkpool and Gnation !