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The Bucharest Major LAN finals day 2 – The Semifinals

Saturday, the second day of the LAN finals of the Bucharest Major continued the trend of the days before to present us with high-quality Dota 2 games for everyone. We saw all kinds of games during the day, some of them were one-sided, others were extremely close, but the hype was real regardless. In the end, our two finalists were decided – tomorrow we will see VGJ.Thunder face off non-other but Virtus.Pro in the grand final. Will this be the second Major in a row for VP or the Chinese powerhouse will run them over to win their first ever Major? It is hard to say as both of them want to write their names down and join the history of Dota, but one thing is sure – the spectacle is guaranteed.

What will happen tomorrow is unclear yet, and we will discuss it in the short recap for day 3. Right now let’s take a quick look at what happened today. Have some pictures:

As you can see the venue was almost full today, everyone came to cheer for their favorite team and the atmosphere was absolutely amazing. To kick off the 3 best-of-3 series we had for the day OpTic Gaming and Virtus.Pro entered the arena and showed their best. Virtus.Pro made short work of their opponents and had a little break before they had to face Team Liquid later on. In the meantime Newbee and VGJ.Thunder had a serious brawl which resulted in Newbee being eliminated just one round before they made it to the final.

Of course, I was not there only to watch the epic games of Dota presented, so I was constantly running around in the venue looking to create some content for you! I had the chance to record a few more videos, interviews and a cool unboxing that will be listed on my Youtube account shortly. Don’t forget to go there ( and subscribe! As you can see in the gallery above, I met Slacks, Cr1t and the awesome Reebs, that was cosplaying Luna. In my Instagram account (here) I teased the interview that is coming with her tomorrow so be hyped to understand more on how cosplay competitions work and why (usually) the jury is not selecting the fan favorites.

To summarise, what I can say for day 2 is that it was really exhausting, but I had soooo much fun on The Bucharest Major, I will be amazingly sad tomorrow after the final is over and the winner is crowned. Anyway, keep an eye on all of my channels as I am spamming different updates on there and, of course, expect my short summary for day 3 tomorrow! 😉