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The Bucharest Major LAN finals day 1 – The Journey

What a rollercoaster of emotion this day was. It all started at 3:30 am when I woke up, packed my bags and left for the airport. I was overwhelmed with emotions, excitement and couldn’t wait to finally return back to Bucharest – this time for a Major! It all went downhill fast from there with my flight being delayed for more than an hour, then I missed the bus from the Airport and had to wait about 30 minutes for the next one, which contributed to absolutely destroying my mood.

As expected everything went straight up after I reached the venue. Needless to say, hearing everybody in the hall scream, cheer and send their energy (つ ◕_◕ ༽つ) to the players on the stage can bring any Dota 2 fan up!

I have made a lot of videos for you, prepared some interviews and have interesting bonus content up my sleeve that  I will be able to share tomorrow due to all of the delays today. Be hyped, awesome things are coming your way!

So first impressions of the event – the setup looks neat, the boots for the players are The International-like and contribute to the overall Major feeling of the tournament. Here are some pictures for you:

As you can see, there is one main screen in the middle and two smaller screens on each side. The setup is good and the game is visible ok-ish from every place in the hall, which is something that people were complaining about during the previous Major – ESL One Katowice. However, regardless of how amazing the side displays are, there is something that really bugs me about them – from what I saw they display a Shadow Fiend on a red-ish background and an Omniknight which are supposed to represent the good and the evil, Radiant and Dire. Here is what is off – they are simply displaying the hero + the team logo regardless of what side the team is playing. The idea is extremely cool, but unfortunately, the execution is not the best, just a little piece of feedback to PGL – you have the technology, so use it :D! The same situation occurs with the player cameras before each booth – a red frame appears around each player on the SF side and a golden frame surrounds the portraits of the Omniknight team.

Due to my late arrival today, by the time I got there most of the sponsor booths were already closed, so I will talk more about that in the article tomorrow and I will make an overview of what we can see at the venue.

Now you can enjoy some additional photos while patiently (or not so patiently) waiting for the next daily recap tomorrow! 😉

All of the images above are presented by Stoyan “Staka” Stoyanov