The Chinese Regional Qualifiers ended a few minutes ago and in the final series Invictus Gaming overtook LFY with the convincing 2-0 score, becoming the second and final Chinese team to go further from the regionals.

The first team that advanced to play in the biggest Dota 2 event of the year was Team Serenity, who beat both Invictus Gaming and LFY in the winner bracket. Considered as a “dark horse” or the new Wings Gaming, Team Serenity are putting the spot light on themselves with the flawless executions we witnessed during the Open and Regional Qualifiers. Big surprise is the elimination LFY, who had amazing performance last year, finishing on the third place on The International 2017. This is only one of the examples how stacked the scene currently is bellow the top Tier 1 teams.

The two rosters are:

Team Serenity

Invictus Gaming

1. zhizhizhi
2. Zyd
3. XinQ
4. Pyw
5. XCJ

1. Agressif
2. Xxs
3. Srf
4. BoBoKa
5. Q


Later today we will know who will be the final representative from CIS, so stay tuned for more TI news.