A few days ago Valve released the New Bloom 2019 update which featured the in game celebration of the Chinese New Year. Lets take a quick look what it has to offer!

The first thing you need to do is claim your New Bloom level one consumable bundle, which contains the following four items:

These are similar to the items we got during the winter event, but this time they are not used for a special custom game. Instead you can only use them during your normal Dota 2 matches to “bring some festive flair into the lanes“. In addition to that every Dota 2 subscriber can purchase additional 10 of each consumable for 750 shards.

As usual for events like this one, we can gain “event levels” (up to level 20) by playing regular matches, unlocking additional; rewards. There is a daily bonus similar to what we got during Frostivus and in order to make it more engaging, Volvo have introduces a special reward that can’t be used by us directly, it has to be gifted to a friend who will get a free spin on the “scamaz” roulette for a chance to win this event’s courier.

Speaking of the courier, it’s the extremely cute Nian Courier which we can hope and pray to all gods (BlessRNG) of receiving this time. I mean look at it:

Enjoy the event and good luck on your roulette rolls!