With extreme amounts of excitement and a lot of thrill by these news, I am happy to share that as I suspected (and predicted) the joinDOTA league is back! The signature joinDOTA league has returned to allow everyone interested contender to compete, regardless of their skillcap!

The 11th season of jDL is returning to us after exactly 351 days of absence in a moment when the scene needs it the most. “But, Murdercore, why would anyone need this amateur/semi-pro league when we have our 11 minors and majors just around the corner?” – Well the answer to that is in the question itself! All of the new up and coming teams will need fields to practice in a competitive setting and what better place to do this other than a well known, established and trusted league? Most of the pro players nowadays have participated in previous seasons of jDL – for example MATUMBAMAN, MinD_ControL and many, many more.


Sign ups are now open and in order to register your team and/or to view the official announcement, you can head directly to joinDOTA.