A few days ago Mineski announced on Twitter that they are pulling out from the upcoming GESC: Thailand:

Following the different links that lead to this I stumbled upon other complains in regards to actions taken from the organizers. Bellow are some of them:

TNC in TwitLonger:

“GESC Organizers decided to move the SEA Qualifiers for Thailand leg on a later date 1 day before the actual qualifier date. We’re not sure if this is already final but we are still waiting for an answer from GESC clarifying the situation. But we want to share to you our thoughts about this.

1. The GESC Organizers decided not to include us in the GESC Indonesia SEA Qualifiers during Galaxy Battles LAN Finals since we are playing in another tournament. Very unfair. We understand that maybe you are trying to correct your mistake back then but arriving into a decision 1 day before the qualifier date is really bad.

2. Cancelling the tournament/qualifier 1 day prior to the said date is very unprofessional.

3. We believe that the reasons being given are not valid to decide 1 day before the tournament. “Business visas on arrival” or “Allowing more teams to participate” or “Having more time to run the qualifier” are reasons which can be considered when you started to plan the qualifiers, why just now?

4. How come only SEA region will have 6 teams? Isn’t this a bit unfair to the other regions? South America already finished their qualifier and just had 4 teams.

5. Now, we are hours away from the supposed to be qualifier and the guy in charge haven’t given a response yet. We feel that we are left hanging, teams do need to prepare. I hope they know that.”

All of the problems with the schedules are coming as no surprise since we are approaching the final days of the DPC cycle and every single team is trying to get as many points as possible in order to secure a spot on The International. Combined with the”thousand” qualifiers going on at the same time it was just a matter of time for a conflict to rise. An example of this was the schedule for the ongoing qualifiers for ESL One Birmingham, GESC and The Super Major that had several teams scheduled to play in all tournaments at the very same time.

Unfortunately, I will have to say something that we are discussing over and over again – until there are further regulations from Valve and until all tournament organizers start working together, things like that won’t be and can’t be avoided. Of course, the topic is extremely complex and it is not just about X and Y tournament organizers.

The other thing that I want to address is EE’s tweet about favoritism from the organizers. Just as this is a big accusation to make again any organizer, it is something we can not ignore as obviously in the past few tournaments Fnatic are performing better than Execration and Team Admiral and it makes zero sense inviting them over Fnatic. This is a topic with an open end and I will be more than happy to see what are your thoughts on the matter so if you feel like it, message me on any of the social media out there to have a chat.