Another day has passed and the ESL One Hamburg 2018 top 3 teams are already known to us. Day two proved to be exciting and filled with great games so let’s see what happened during it.

The first clash of the day was between the Chinese powerhouse Team Aster and misery‘s paiN Gaming. Against all odds and expectations, I thought that paiN have a pretty good shot at taking down their opponents and after great 3 games they emerged victorious sending Aster home. They played like a well-put machine, making fewer mistakes than the Chinese and secured themselves a spot in the next round, where Team Secret was already waiting for them.

The schedule had my bros from Virtus.Pro against (arguably) the best Chinese team at this moment – Vici Gaming. In what I thought is going to be a relatively easy victory for the Russians, we saw something different. VG managed to completely outdraft VP in games one and three, resulting in the team having an easier time to execute their strategies. Virtus.Pro had a great second game but ultimately were not on the level of the Chinese in this particular series and are now forced to fight for their tournament life in the loser bracket.

Unfortunately, the last series of the day was not half as exciting as the previous two we had. paiN Gaming were absolutely outclassed by Team Secret and their ESL One Hamburg 2018 run ended. Securing the 4th place they will be taking $20k home.

Today is (unfortunately sob, sob) the last day of the tournament. Secret will play against VP in a battle for the remaining spot in the grand final and after that VG are going to try and secure their first tournament victory in Hamburg. Will they be able to do it at the end of the day or will Virtus.Pro raise the trophy once more? Or Team Secret will prove worthy and take their opponents down, snatching the prize? We will have the answers after only a few hours. In the meantime check the second-day gallery I promised bellow 😉