For the second year in a row Barclaycard Arena in Hamburg welcomes us for ESL One. Not a DPC Major this time but still a premium event nonetheless. As covered in the first article I posted, a lot of things are different this year, but lets take a quick look on how everything went during the first day of ESL One Hamburg 2018.

With only 8 teams remaining, Friday was the day when 3 additional teams would pack their bags and head home. Spoiler alert – this year these teams were compLexity, Forward Gaming and Evil Geniuses. I won’t go into details about that, but if you missed the series between Team Secret and Evil Geniuses you should definitely find a VoD ASAP, it was amazing!

As far as the event goes for me, unfortunately this year I missed the deadline to apply for press passes so I am just a pleb in the crowd, watching the games (ma bad, ma bad) so no interviews will be taken PepeHands. This doesn’t mean that I won’t update you daily on what is going in Barclaycard Arena!

As expected, Friday is not the best day for everybody and the arena was a little empty, but still decently packed for a working day. In the main building you can find the food/drinks “corner” shops (the arena is round lmao), the ESL shop and the airbrush tattoos boot. In the side/support building (which actually is the training ground for the local hockey team Hamburg Freezers) you can find the sponsor boots. More info + pictures of these will be present in tomorrow’s recap. In general the event is a little smaller this year, but by no means worse! We have more teams, more days and more games so everything that we can ask for is present. There is free beer for the premium ticket holders as well so everything looks awesome.

I will do my best to swarm you with more awesome content tomorrow and just to tease you – a new issue of the magazine is in the works! Cya all tomorrow!

P.S. Please excuse me if there any typos, missing words or some sentences don’t make sense. I am writing this in a rush to get ready and go watch the games for the day 😀