With ESL One Hamburg being just a few days away it’s time to look at what the tournament will offer and why it’s so important for the upcoming months.

With Valve completely revamping the DPC season for this year, the first premium tournament of the season was left out of the DPC schedule. Initially many people (including me) thought that this is bad, that things will look dull and teams won’t be interested in participating in non-DPC tournaments, but here is why we were wrong:

  • Apart from the lower prize pool and the lack of TI qualifying points nothing changes.
  • Teams will be eager to get a good start of the new season, without being pressured by the qualifying points on the line.
  • We still get the amazing quality production from the ESL team.
  • The format this year will be WAY better than last year, and even with that in mind, last year’s tournament was great.
  • 12 of the best teams on the planet will fight for the trophy, which guarantees amazing games to witness.

As we all can see things are looking even better than expected so let’s dive a little deeper into what this iteration of ESL One Hamburg has to offer.

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The teams that will fight for the prize and glory this year are:

The image is taken from the official ESL One Hamburg 2018 website

Unfortunately, we are missing some of the powerhouses like the fan favorites Team Liquid and The International 2018 winners OG, but in statements earlier, they said that their players need a break from the difficult previous season and this is indeed what they will do. Regardless of this, we will have Virtus.Pro to defend their title, Evil Geniuses and Team Secret as strong contenders and the long forgotten titans of Alliance.

Again, the tournament will take place in the awesome Barclaycard Arena and every ticket holder will be able to travel for FREE using the public transport while traveling to and from the Arena, which is an amazing addition, props to ESL and Hamburg’s municipality.

The tournament itself will be open for the fans 3 days and 8 of the total 12 teams will be playing on the main stage when the playoffs will be played. The Group Stage will be played from Tuesday to Thursday behind closed doors.

We have had our tickets booked for more than 4 months already and we are extremely hyped to see if Virtus.Pro will be able to defend their title once more, or if they will be dethroned this time. Are you ready? I bloody hope you are because ESL One Hamburg 2018 is approaching fast and it will be epic!