Just a few days after ESL One Birmingham 2018 was announced, the schedule for the games we will be able to observe on the event is out and ESL was kind enough to provide us with an update on the ticket situation. Let’s take a look at the schedule first:

After the shitstorm for ESL One Katowice, ESL took a note and in Birmingham, we will see 3 days of action, with 2 series each day. They definitely listened to the feedback that we provided and this time managed to satisfy most of the people out there. In my opinion what they went for is fair for the audience, for the viewers online and for the players so there is not much more than we can ask from them, well done!

On another note – ESL One Birmingham set the record for the fastest selling Dota 2 event that ESL has ever hosted. In the first 5 minutes after tickets went live, people bought more than 1000. This is for the first 5 minutes only! It is no wonder that the event is almost sold out at the moment and as mentioned in Twitter, they are trying to expand the seating area to accommodate more people as the demand is way too overboard!


It seems like people are tired of having a pretty much non-existent scene in the UK and see this as a great opportunity to show the world that in the UK they enjoy some good Dotes too. I am pretty hyped about this event as well, even though it is more likely than not to just watch it online as it will be pretty expensive to go. But hey, if you are interested in funding my trip to Birmingham shoot me a message so that we can work this out! πŸ˜‰