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Leviathan disbanded

Earlier today, via Twitter, it was announced that team Leviathan are no longer. Team LvT disbanded. I’ll be heading to EU in like 2 days gonna miss the NA pubs EleGiggle Thanks to my boy @BananaSlamJamma for housing me (slaving me LOL) was very fun being together and I’m gonna miss you bud!! — Ylli Ramadani (@garterdota2) January 2, 2018 Even though they didn’t have any major victories and achievements, the team was loved in the community, mainly because of their captain –  the ONE and only BananaSlamJamma, a.k.a. BSJ. Their mid player Garter was the one to spill...

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Forev no longer part of Immortals

Korean player Lee “Forev” Sang-don announced his departure from team Immortals: It was nice to work with Team @Immortals . I wish them luck in the future — Forev (@ForevDoto) December 30, 2017 There is no additional information on whether the team is completely disbanding or if they will continue with another offlaner at this moment, as Immortals have not yet made any official statements (probably because of the holidays?). With the recent departure of Saahil “UNiVeRsE” Arora from team Evil Geniuses, a lot of people speculated that he is actually going to join Immortal, which only makes sense...

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w33 to standin for Pain Gaming

Another interesting news hit us today – the Romanian player Aliwi “w33” Omar will be the stand-in for the Brazilian team Pain Gaming at the Galaxy Battles Major! After the MidOrFeed’s fiasco, it was clear that Mr. Omar was looking for another team, especially after his tweet from a few weeks ago:   When is the next roster lock phase? Can’t find it anywhere — Aliwi Omar (@w33haa) December 16, 2017 Even though this is (or it is expected to be) a short-term standing, it will be great to see w33 back in the middle lane. It was hinted...

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G leaves Vega Squadron

It has been announced today that Segey “G” Bragin is leaving his team – Vega Squadron. According to the information that Vega provided on their website, G‘s contract is ending on 31st of December and the decision not to renew it is mutual. This leaves G as a free agent for the new transfer window and Vega Squadron crippled even more than they used to be. The problems began earlier this month after Vasily “AfterLife” Shishkin left the team. And even though there is no official announcement as of this moment, Bakyt “Zayac” Emilzhanov is not playing with Vega...

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Mousesports disbands

Earlier today via Facebook and Twitter, the players of now ex-Mousesports announced that the team is disbanding. We have disbanded our dota 2 team and are no longer part of @mousesports. I would like to thank mouz for their professionalism and support. Details coming soon! — Verros Apostolos (@MNTdota) December 23, 2017 It appears that the lack of significant results and the failure to qualify for any of the Major/Minor tournaments landed the final blow to the team, continuing the “mouse curse”. Hardly being a surprise, the news comes just a few weeks before the new lock-out window. As,...

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