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Vega Squadron introducing new coach

Today Vega Squadron announced the addition of their new coach, which is non other but Kipspul. This announcement comes a few days after she shared her story on why she decided to leave TNC and start looking for new opportunities.     #Dota2 #OnlyVega We’re pleased to announce our new Dota 2 coach — Murielle Huisman! Read full announcement here: — Vega Squadron (@VegaSquadron) September 8, 2017 This is the first non-CIS person to be hired as coach for a CIS team and on top of that (as you can see lul) Kips is a woman, so...

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joinDOTA League is back!

With extreme amounts of excitement and a lot of thrill by these news, I am happy to share that as I suspected (and predicted) the joinDOTA league is back! The signature joinDOTA league has returned to allow everyone interested contender to compete, regardless of their skillcap! The joinDOTA League is BACK – no other words are necessary! SIGN UP NOW 👉 — joinDOTA (@joinDOTA) September 6, 2017 The 11th season of jDL is returning to us after exactly 351 days of absence in a moment when the scene needs it the most. “But, Murdercore, why would anyone need...

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The Secret is out!

More rosters were confirmed today for the upcoming season. First were Team Secret who finally “released their secret”™ letting us know who they decided to pick up. Ace will be their new carry player, while FATA will replace Khezu on the offlane position. The big announcement was made via an overly dramatic video with highlights of their old and new players that seemed a bit… unnecessary. You can watch it here: The first tournament appearance of the Team Secret will be during the online qualifier for the upcoming ESL One Hamburg 2017 and to be honest with you, I...

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syndereN announces new stack

The announcements are raining today! Just a few seconds ago (literally this popped up while I was refreshing my twitter feed) syndereN announced his new team/stack for the upcoming season. Getting back with an old friend and some new faces for this season: 1 @EraDota 2 @HzMage 3 @jonassomfan 4 @Handsken1 5 myself No name yet. — Troels Nielsen (@syndereNDota) September 4, 2017 The interesting thing in here is that on position 3 and 4 we can see two players from the old Complexity team, while the last part of the trio (Limmp) is missing! As proclaimed by  w33,...

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Na’Vi are back!

Just a few minutes ago Natus Vincere announced the completion of their DOTA 2 roster. The team was previously composed of the legendary mid player Dendi, the one and only SoNNeikO (who single-handedly carried not one, but many of the team’s games, even as a suppor!) and their carry GeneRal*. Joining the ranks of Navi are the already established and known player RodjiER, as well as, the up-and-coming and young Crystallize. The duo is joining Na’Vi in hopes of reaching the desired victories and to help the team to restore fame once mor. Crystallize was previously playing in Double...

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