After a long period of inactivity in here, it is finally time to share with you what I was working on in the background – BUYBACK – a monthly online Dota 2 magazine.

I won’t lie, this first issue was supposed to be out during 2017, but due to numerous delays I had to postpone it. With the start of 2018 I knew that there is no more time to waste, I either do it, or just give up. Mentioning about giving up I was on the verge of doing this multiple times, as creating a magazine is far more difficult that I imagined, and I already did have the assumption that it will be hard! There are many flaws within this first issue, but I still do hope that you will enjoy it, as I know that this is just the first stone in the foundation that I am making for something bigger and better.

Without wasting any more time I am presenting you BUYBACK issue #1:

Please let me know if you have ANY feedback, I will appreciated it greatly! Also if you have any suggestions on what type of content you want to see in there, or possibly a person that you want me to interview (either a pro/community figure or a new player for the Supernova segment), please feel free to share that with me.

Thank you for passing by, I hope you will enjoy your stay!

P.S. Don’t forget to share with friends and family 😉