Author: Stoyan Trayanov

Possible return of joinDOTA League?

Earlier today joinDOTA teased in their twitter account possible return of their signature in-house league joinDOTA League.  Here is what they posted: But where could it be? Any ideas? — joinDOTA (@joinDOTA) September 2, 2017 Even though this is not much of an announcement it is clear that joinDOTA will not leave things unattended and will re-launch their league to compete against the FPL’s new season that got launched just a few days ago. In the mean time make sure to follow me on twitter and facebook to be up to date with all of the blog posts...

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The story so far

The International 2017 is now long gone and with the new season approaching it’s time to take a closer look at some of the team roster changes that happened in the last few weeks. It is absolutely safe to say that that the two teams which created the most fuss about their expected (and official now announced) changes are OG and EG. OG After the departure of young Ana, OG had the difficult task of filling the hole left by their mid player. There were a lot of crazy speculations such as S4 going back to the mid role...

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LGD-Gaming teasing new facility in Hangzhou

LGD-Gaming announced in their twitter that they are building new arena for all of their DOTA and League of Legends teams. The new facility will be in Hangzhou and according to the post inside it there will be an esports arena with movie theater, food hall, gym and of course the all so popular internet cafes in China. There is no additional information on when the building will be ready to accept the teams and if it will be used for hosting LAN events and/or tournament viewings. This announcement is coming just a weeks after Team Liquid posted a...

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“Hello World”. This was the text that we used every time we created our first compiling “program” in each and every programming class that I took during the years of my education. Unfortunately for me programming turned out to be something I simply can not stand and fortunately for you, we will not be talking about that in here. Rather than that in this blog you will be able to find my thoughts on esports (mostly Dota 2) and rarely (or not) on things like music, hardware and others. With this blog I will try to deliver information on...

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