Author: Stoyan Trayanov

PGL announced the Kuala Lumpur Major – first Major of the new season

The first Major of 2018/2019’s DPC cycle is going to take place in Axiata Arena, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This is going to be the first ever Major tournament in Kuala Lumpur, exciting news for every of the countless Dota 2 fans in Malaysia. The event itself will be hosted by PGL and this is the information we have so far from the website of the tournament – 16 teams 1 000 000$ prize pool 10th – 15th of September – Open Qualifiers 16th -21st of September – Closed Qualifiers 9th and 10th of November – Group Stage 11th...

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Na’Vi announcing new roster – Dendi out, SoNNeikO in

After their failure to qualify for this year’s International, Na’Vi decided to change the status of their roster to “inactive”, while trying to figure out how to proceed and amend the damage done to the organization with the lack of any significant results for the past few years. Many of their fans questioned the future of Na’Vi’s Dota 2 division, in general, speculating that they might even decide to drop this game for the time being, while others decided to jump onto the Dendi hate train and express their opinion how he is the downfall of the team. In...

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Winstrike (ex-FlyToMoon) wins CIS Regional Qualifier

After their absolutely stellar performance the past few days, Winstrike (ex-FlyToMoon) beat ESPADA 3-1 in the grand finals of the CIS Regional Qualifiers. Unlike the team of Vega Squadron who went 0-6 in the group stage, Iceberg and his boys proved that their direct invite to the Regionals was indeed well deserved, first by topping the group going 6-1 and later on by winning the whole qualifier. Dropping the first game in the series and winning the next 3 in a row, Winstrike secured themselves a place among the best teams in the world that will fight for the...

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Team Serenity and Invictus Gaming qualify for The International 2018

  The Chinese Regional Qualifiers ended a few minutes ago and in the final series Invictus Gaming overtook LFY with the convincing 2-0 score, becoming the second and final Chinese team to go further from the regionals. The first team that advanced to play in the biggest Dota 2 event of the year was Team Serenity, who beat both Invictus Gaming and LFY in the winner bracket. Considered as a “dark horse” or the new Wings Gaming, Team Serenity are putting the spot light on themselves with the flawless executions we witnessed during the Open and Regional Qualifiers. Big...

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Blood, Sven and Fears – The International 2018 Open Qualifiers

Even though this DPC season presented us with loads and loads of Dota 2, the past 4 days felt really overwhelming, especially if you were trying to follow most of the action. Of course, with dozens of matches happening at the same time, it was close to impossible to keep track of what was going on during this year’s Open Qualifiers for TI 2018, so let’s make a quick recap and see how Bloodseeker, Sven, and Fear affected it all (Kappa). Each region had two separate Open Qualifiers, two days each, with best-of-1 bracket up to round-of-16 and best-of-3...

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