After a long wait, Valve finally released gameplay update 7.21. Along with new ranking season, item and hero changes, the update comes with long requested changes to Dota+.

As usual with major patches like this one, the meta is going to be completely thrown upside-down and all the theory crafters out there will thrive while trying to figure out the best item/hero and team compositions. Due to the severe length of the patch notes I won’t go in dept on them here, but I strongly suggest that you read them yourselves on the official website by clicking here or directly in game.

As for the Dota+ update in short we get new questing system with the introduction of seasonal quest, completely new Dota+ interface and 4 new sets (yes, only 4 unfortunately) that we can purchase with points. More on that can be seen in the  gallery bellow.

Of course we are yet to see how the meta will unravel but the meme game of 7.21 is already going strong so we have nothing to complain of, at least on that front.